Which gases are safe to add to food
In daily life, the application of different gases in food has become accustomed. Then do you know our favorite desserts or packaged snacks, such as cakes, what kind of gas will be added to it?

Because the physiological characteristics of the food itself are different and the conditions encountered in the transportation and marketing of the food are different, the requirements for packaging vary greatly. There are many factors that need to be considered when using food modified atmosphere packaging technology. There are also many types of gas, and the fresh-keeping gas used by different products is different, and the gas ratio is also different.

Modified atmosphere packaging most commonly uses three gases, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, or their mixtures.

1: Carbon dioxide is the most critical gas in modified atmosphere packaging. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. When used in fruit and vegetable packaging, carbon dioxide has the effect of strengthening oxygen reduction and reducing respiratory intensity. However, when using carbon dioxide, it must be noted that the solubility of carbon dioxide in water and oil is relatively high. The formation of carbonic acid after dissolution will change the PH value and taste of the food. At the same time, after the carbon dioxide is dissolved, the amount of gas in the package will decrease, which will easily lead to shrinkage and Not plump, affecting the appearance of food. The use of carbon dioxide in modified atmosphere packaging must consider various factors such as storage temperature, food moisture, and the type and quantity of microorganisms.

2: Nitrogen is stable in nature. The use of nitrogen is generally to eliminate oxygen, thereby slowing down the oxidation and respiration of food. Nitrogen also has a certain inhibitory effect on the growth of bacteria. In addition, nitrogen is basically insoluble in water and grease (such as cream whip has joined the application of this gas, Nitrous Oxide). In addition, the adsorption of nitrogen to food is very small, and it will not be The gas is absorbed and gradually shrinks.

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