How cream charger works
When you understand the actual mechanism of the cream whippers and the role of the nitrous oxide charger, you will be able to accurately understand what is happening in each formula, which will allow you to expand your mind and notice when and what happens occur. Not going as planned.

The process of using whipping gas is just the process of injecting gas into the liquid-in this sense, it is no different from the process of using a soda siphon. The real difference is the actual gas you use-the soda siphon box is a pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) tank, and the cream charger is a nitrous oxide (N2O) tank. It is the different characteristics of these two gases that give them completely different cooking purposes.

1. CO2 is more soluble in water than N2O-this is the reason why carbonated drinks have bubbles, but butter whippers do not.

2. CO2 is acidic, while N2O is neutral-acidity is what makes carbonated beverages strong, which is why the taste of Seltzer is very different from the water produced. Nitrogen just doesn't give any taste to anything that passes through, which is why it can be used for sweets, salty tastes and beverages.

3. Under pressure, nitrite will dissolve in fat-this is why the fat content is about 20% liquid. With a whipped cream charger, 27% of the fat can be easily whipped. This may be whipped fat or fat in double cream, or some recipes require the addition of another type of fat (usually butter) . Food or drink? Well, the process is very simple. No matter what kind of foam you plan to put into the dispenser bottle, then when you tighten it, seal it. A charger tank containing 8 grams of gas is used to pressurize the liquid and force N2O to dissolve in it.

Depending on the formulation, it may be necessary to operate while the contents are still hot to give the gas a chance to penetrate into the substance at the molecular level. When the trigger is pulled, the contents of the dispenser will be pushed out under pressure and the captured nitrous oxide will expand. All recipes contain some form of fat or gelling agent/thickener to ensure that the gas does not simply bubble up and disappear into the atmosphere. After understanding the above process, you will get more benefits from the recipe.