What are the harmful substances in the water?
Tap water that has not been filtered directly contains many harmful substances. Drinking it directly will also affect your health. What are the main harmful substances in the water?

1. Chlorine
Chlorination is a necessary step for water disinfection. However, when certain organic pollutants in water are chlorinated, chlorinated by-products are produced. For example, trihalomethane is a known carcinogen.

2. Nitrate
Nitrate infiltrates our drinking water from fertilizers, sewage, feedlots, or geological elements. It poses a direct threat to children from 6 months to 1 year old, as well as a great threat to adult health.

3. Copper
It is a common metal in drinking water and can cause jaundice pancreatitis, red blood cell poisoning, esophageal problems and anemia.

4. Lead
Overdose can cause kidney disease, neuralgia, leprosy, etc.

5. Arsenic
Overdose can cause neuritis, acute poisoning and even death.

6. Cadmium
Overdose can cause bone deformation, low back pain, poisoning, red blood cell disease, etc.

7. Phosphorus
Overdose can cause organophosphorus poisoning and breathing difficulties.

8. Mercury
Overdose can cause neurotoxicity, mental disorders, madness, convulsions and even death.

9. Chromium
Overdose can cause chronic kidney poisoning, causing renal dysfunction, cancer, etc.

In addition, organic pollutants are also important substances that pose a great threat to human health. For example, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and plasticizers can cause humans to cause teratogenic, mutagenic, and endocrine-disrupting substances that can cause reproductive obstacles. Many persistent organic pollutants exist in soil and water for a long time, are difficult to decompose, and have strong fluidity.

Therefore, understanding and grasping the effects and hazards of water pollutants on human health is of great significance for further purifying water quality and ensuring water safety.

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