How to repair a refrigerator without ice
1. The control arm is not in place

Repair: Sometimes the control arm may be hit or fall off, please make sure its position is correct.

2. Ice water filter

Repair: Does your refrigerator need a pur 4396841? If your refrigerator suddenly stops making ice, it may be that the refrigerator's water filter is clogged. A dirty filter will reduce the amount of water entering the ice machine, so make sure to replace the filter at least twice a year.

3. Assemble and replace the ice machine

Repair: Once you have ruled out the problems with the water inlet valve, water valve and water filter eptwfu01, you can check your actual ice maker for problems. Most ice machines use heat to cause ice cubes to fall into the tray. It is recommended that you hire a professional for voltage testing. If you confirm that the refrigerator has electricity but still cannot make ice, it may be time to replace the ice maker with a new one.

4. Water inlet valve

Repair: The refrigerator is supplied with water from the main power source of the house. If the water inlet valve is blocked, this may be the reason why your refrigerator is not making ice. Close the water supply valve on the back of the refrigerator and check whether there is any debris in the water inlet pipe.

If the water inlet pipe is clean, please check whether the water inlet valve is also clean and unobstructed. If the water injection pipe of the ice maker freezes, it may mean that there is a problem with the water pressure in your home.

Before replacing the inlet valve, check the electrical function of the inlet valve. To do this, close the water inlet valve, turn off the water supply, and unplug the refrigerator. Remove the rear panel of the refrigerator and run the cable along the water pipe from the ice maker to the valve.

Locate the solenoid valve inlet that is responsible for opening the water flow. Use a dial indicator to test the solenoid valve to test continuity. The electricity generated by the solenoid valve comes from the ice maker control device.

5. The ice machine freezes

Fix: Sometimes the refrigerator thermostat may be set too low, which can cause the water to freeze before entering the ice mold. Make sure your thermostat is set close to the recommended temperature of the refrigerator whirlpool edr3rxd1.

6. Water injection pipe

Repair: First check the ice mold of the ice maker. If you do not see any ice cubes or only small ice cubes, please check the water injection system for water. The filling system should be the filling cup and tube on the back of the ice maker. If these parts freeze, check whether the filling pipe is blocked.

Most likely, these failures can be solved by unplugging the refrigerator, removing the water outlet pipe between the water inlet valve and the ice maker, and then flushing or replacing it with a new one.