Reasons to choose Purerdrop refrigerator air filter
If your refrigerator is equipped with an ice maker or water dispenser, it is easy to understand why a water filter is needed.

Refrigerator air filters are an important part of refrigerators in many users' homes.

1. What is a refrigerator air filter?

The refrigerator is essentially a closed box. If the food inside starts to deteriorate, the smell will quickly permeate the entire compartment. A box of baking soda can act as an air purifier, but its deodorizing effect is usually not far from the box. Since the air filter is located in the air passage that runs through the entire vehicle compartment, the air can be purified more effectively. Air filters can reduce odors and help keep food fresh. Air filters are more effective than baking soda.

2. Does my refrigerator have an air filter?

Not all refrigerators have a whirlpool filter, such as w10413645a, but if your refrigerator has one, it is easy to find. The filter is usually located in a louvered housing, which can be flat or cylindrical. If the filter is flat, you may see a label protruding from the housing. Newer French door, side-by-side, and single-door refrigerator models are most likely to be equipped with air filters. Although you may need to consult the user manual to determine which filter to use in your refrigerator, the choice is not difficult, and the only important consideration is that the filter is installed in the housing built for it.

3. What are the advantages of purerdrop's air filter?

The W10311524 refrigerator air filter can freshen the air in the refrigerator and effectively remove peculiar smells, including onions, garlic and durian. The filter adopts advanced technology to ensure that the humidity in the refrigerator is controlled to prevent the growth of bacteria. Leave a fresh smell.

The service life of the filter is six months. It is definitely your economical, affordable, convenient installation, most advanced technology, and the best after-sales service.

Purerdrop stores provide different types of air filters, as well as refrigerator water filters, such as EDR2RXD1 filters, water filters WF3CB, etc.

If you have ideas or suggestions for air filter products and prices. You can contact me and we will provide you with the best quality filters products, air filters and water filters at a more favorable price.