Draw drinking water out of the thin air
Imagine that everyone in the world has clean water. You might think that everyone has access to clean drinking water, but 780 million people don't have access to it, and an estimated 3.4 million people die each year from water-related diseases, according to UNICEF. That's the equivalent of almost the entire city of Los Angeles being eliminated each year for using unsothy water.

A product called Accairwater is trying to change that. Accairwater draws water from thin air, not only of any type, but also of the highest quality anywhere in the world. It's not magic; it's science, it's something you can have at home.

Accairwater is an atmospheric water generator that absorbs moisture from the air to produce water, which is then purified through a filtration and reverse osmosis system. If our water supply is affected, it will be another way to get water.

Accairwater's home and office water machines can produce up to eight gallons of pure drinking water per day. The device requires at least 35% humidity to operate. Water flows through the filter to remove all foreign materials, including organic compounds, chlorine and heavy metals. It also provides hot and cold water.

To learn more about Accairwater or to watch the demo, visit www.accairwater.com. For more information, sale@accairwater.com.