Air water machine technology
Let's start with the obvious. Air water machine is actually a dehumidifier. Water condenses from the air, collects it, and then filters and stores it for drinking. Again, the best environment for the device is in a humid place (a bit harsh), but it still works well with a humidity of more than 60 degrees and humidity of 40 plus.

Water is filtered through a filtration process that includes charcoal filters, carbon filters, mineral filters, and Filmtec reverse osmosis membranes. The user interface is a touch screen LCD display. LCD tries to let you know what the machine is doing in an arrogant way, but for geeks, it's purely uncut LCD flash. There are no standard buttons anywhere on the device and all functions can be activated via the touch screen, including the hot and cold buttons. Some people like it, some people don't.

All functions of the machine are operating as expected and can provide enough water for the office of 10 people. We use water for general drinking and coffee/tea machines, and the water remains in good condition. Make sure you set your expectations realistically and don't use them to cool off.