Why Should Replace Your Refrigerator Water Filter
Introduction of refrigerator water filter
Refrigerator filter is a professional consumable with filtration and purification function. It is a simple separation device for purifying and separating the original water. With the popularization of water purification knowledge, people have generally realized that there is no refrigerator without changing the water filter! Everything has its own life cycle, as a consumable refrigerator water filter is no exception, but a lot of people always feel too expensive when replacing the filter.

As we all know, our kidneys act as our body's "filter" for detoxification, drainage and some endocrine functions. Water enters the body, the first stop is the stomach, and then through the intestinal absorption, liver detoxification into the blood for circulation. When the amount of impurities in drinking water is too high, it increases the filtration burden on the kidneys.

The refrigerator water filter can filter the water, help the kidney to filter out the excessive impurities in the water, and reduce the pressure on the kidney and other organs. So for the health of the body, we must change the water filter in a timely manner.

The Harm of Not Replacing the Water Filter in Time
1.Unable to purify water
When the refrigerator filter reaches the saturation state, it cannot purify the water quality and remove the chlorine, peculiar smell and heavy metal in the water, thus affecting the water quality.

2.Water filtration effect is weakened
When the water filter reaches saturation state, pollutants attached to the surface of the filter will block pores, resulting in small water output and affecting the filtration of water quality, thus reducing the "purity" of the clean water. Drinking such partially filtered water may absorb some harmful impurities into the body and slowly accumulate in the body.

3.Become a "sewer"
When the refrigerator filter expires and is not replaced, the saturated filter cannot inhibit the growth of bacteria in the water, so it is easy to make the water filter into a "sewage tank".