What kind of cream charger should you choose

If you often whipped cream or run restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, ice cream shops, etc.-you need to use the Blue Flag ultra-pure cream charger. You pay more for less, so if you pack 600, you will be better, and the cream tastes incredible.

These chargers are made by an Australian company and are one of the most modern facilities in Europe. They are impressive and maximize the fluffy cream. Due to the long shelf life, there are many long-term use carriages in the box, and all chargers are made of high-quality materials.

The Blue Flag Ultra Pure Whip Cream Charger contains eight grams of N2O, which produces an appropriate amount of fresh cream. The best part is that these chargers are compatible with all standard eight-gram dispensers, including iSi, Kayser, Mosa, Liss, etc.

Made by well-known brands
Long shelf life
Good deal
Made of high-quality materials
Great taste
Commercial use case


Some users report residual oil

If you only use the dispenser or beater occasionally, then the 24-pack charger will keep you using it for a long time. Blueflag whipped cream charger is our favorite in this category and is highly recommended by experts.

There are 8 grams of food-grade nitrogen oxide in each cartridge, which is enough to produce 0.5 liters of tasteless whipped cream.

These cartridges are made of recyclable stainless steel and keep a long distance from any oily substances, so you can rest assured that the final cream will not feel greasy or greasy. The taste of these Blueflag whipped cream chargers is different from anything you can buy in a store. It is better, purer and chemical-free.

In addition, these chargers can also be used to decorate cakes, pies, coffee, hot chocolate, mixed drinks, etc. They are compatible with all 8g N2O dispensers, including Leland-N2O, Chef-Master, Whip It and Best-whip etc.

Compatible with all 8g whipper
Long shelf life
5 liters of cream

Some customers complained that they received dumb, but that is an isolated case