What are the advantages of atmospheric water generators
Water is the source of life and an indispensable part of our lives. However, with the intensification of environmental pollution, most people's drinking water is polluted, and long-term drinking of polluted water will affect people's health. With the emergence of water pollution, water scarcity and other problems, people are constantly researching solutions. Air water technology has effectively improved the problem. Air water generator do not require water sources, so you can put them where you want, and let your family drink healthy Of water.

So what are the specific advantages of our atmospheric water maker?

Air water production without water source
Absorb the moisture in the air and condense it into liquid water, thoroughly purify it, and filter it efficiently; isolate traditional surface pollution sources; think about the source of drinking water, and healthy water must be checked from the source.

One machine for multiple purposes Purification and dehumidification
The four functions of air purifier, dehumidifier, water purifier and water purifier; promote air circulation and maintain good health; what is inhaled is air, and what is produced is good water.

Multi-layer filtration does not discharge wastewater
No waste water pure water machine technology, filter out all kinds of harmful substances; zero discharge of waste water, environmental protection and health.

Automatic circulating water quality is fresh and lively
The water tank will automatically circulate after it is full of water; the water storage tank uses food-grade materials and 304 stainless steel to support room temperature water and hot water; the water quality is fresh and the taste is smooth.

Timed sterilization, safe and secure
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp sterilizes. Eliminate bacteria and viruses, no secondary pollution.

No need for pipelines, beautiful and convenient
It does not need an external drain pipe, is light in size, can be moved as you want, does not need to be installed, plug and play, and is widely used in various environments such as home, business and public places; it is environmentally friendly and has a delicate appearance.

Intelligent visual human design
The microcomputer multi-level water level precision control technology can automatically adjust the water level. Intelligently monitor the running status of the machine and promptly remind the maintenance of parts. Transparent visible water level window, intelligent display of normal temperature water and hot water. All-round humanized design, scientific and efficient.

According to the size of your family, we can provide different sizes of water generators, including 5000l commercial atmospheric water generators. For details, please contact us to learn more.