The importance of water
Over the past few decades, there has been much international discussion about "what is water" and the meaning of water, and many articles and writings have been published on this topic, such as Vanonica's "The Meaning of Water" and Linton's "What Is Water" and other influential works. The reason for these problems is that "what is water" seems to be known to everyone, but in fact not everyone has enough knowledge and knowledge, in many people's knowledge and knowledge about water is even very poor, in contemporary society on the value of water awareness tends to be simplified. This will inevitably affect people's value judgment of water, and then affect people's attitude and behavior of caring for water and cherishing water, which is not conducive to the construction of a harmonious relationship between human beings and water.

Water is not only a natural substance that sustains life, but also an important building factor of human society and culture, which plays an important role in driving the development of human society. Without water, not only can human life not be sustained, but human society cannot be sustained. The multi-dimensional value of water in human society is worthy of our deep understanding.

Water is a driving force for the development of human social productivity, and water has built human productivity. Water energy also played an important role in the process of the European Industrial Revolution. Since modern times, the conversion of water energy to electricity has played a great role in the development of human society, and today hydropower has become the most important clean energy for mankind. This is the value of water that is easiest to understand. To build a water-friendly society, we must let the whole society have a scientific understanding of water, the multi-dimensional value of water understanding, on this basis to build water-friendly values, committed to let everyone care about water, cherish water, so as to restrain our treatment of water behavior, build a water-friendly society. This will become an important social value basis for the construction of ecological civilization.

We can't think of water as just a common consumer goods and commodity, its value can't be measured simply by money, it should be seen as a substance related to the long-term survival interests of our human beings, and even the treatment of water has risen to the moral level. Human society needs to weigh the development and utilization of water resources from its own long-term interests, more efficient and green use of water, more care for water, cherish water. It is necessary for the whole society to work together to improve the scientific cognition of water and form the value of water friendliness, from history to reality.

Today, 2.2 billion people around the world still do not have access to safe drinking water in their lives, and the United Nations goal is to provide water and sanitation for all by 2030. Therefore, in-depth understanding of the value of water, care for water, cherish water has important significance.

For safe drinking water, there is constantly technological development to solve the human problem, air water machine is one of the solutions, from the atmosphere to obtain water, and through the filtration system, access to healthy drinking water resources.

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