The Importance of Regularly Changing Your Refrigerator Filter
The human brain is about 80% water, and the entire body is about 70% water. Therefore, water is very important for health, and drinking pure water every day is essential.

Using a home refrigerator filter is an excellent way to get clean water. Manufacturers generally recommend replacing household refrigerator water filters at least every six months, but with heavy use, replacement may be required as early as 6 months. But do you know why manufacturers recommend replacing your refrigerator water filter?

The more commonly used filter media in refrigerator water filters is activated carbon. When activated carbon and oxygen come into contact, it opens millions of tiny pores that trap tiny microbes, odors and volatile natural substances in the water. Over time, the pores of activated charcoal gradually lose their ability to remove impurities and become clogged with substances. Bacteria can grow in your filter, the water that comes out is not clean water, and it can affect the health of the user.

When you should replace your home refrigerator water filter, the most immediate sign other than the 6-month replacement standard mentioned earlier is a change in the taste of the water. When the water dispenser slows down, it means that your filter is less effective and cannot complete the filtering effect. You must replace it asap.

As we are about to replace our home refrigerator water filter, another question arises, what kind of home refrigerator water filter do I need?

To find out which filter is right for your refrigerator, consult your refrigerator user guide. Then, visit the corresponding purchase official website and find the filter you need by model(like edr3rxd1, edr1rxd1) and place an order. Often many brands offer compatible filters of similar quality to well-known brands, but at a better price.