Cream charger How to use nitrous oxide to inject engine oil
Using a whipped cream charger, you can produce various flavors of alcohol, oil and vinegar, making it an ideal tool for various occasions from banquets to simple trials at home!

In this blog post, we will cover the process of creating an oil injection using a dispenser.

How does the infusion work?
As anyone who reads our gin infusion article may know, infusion into a cream charger is a way of using extremely high levels of pressure in a whipped cream dispenser to force liquid and solid ingredients to combine at the molecular level. The process, which causes the liquid to become flavored with solid ingredients-usually a delicious effect!

This process is used in professional kitchens as well as home users to produce delicious soaking liquid at a much faster rate than soaking or any other soaking method. The most popular examples of infusions you might notice will find the flavors of gin, vodka, and other alcohols in your local supermarket.

Recipe: Chili and Ginger Oil
You will need:
200 ml olive oil
2-3 thinly sliced peppers (the more you use, the stronger the flavor)
2-3 pieces of ginger (the more you use, the stronger the flavor)
N2O whipping machine
1 Nitrous Oxide Cream Charger First, turn on the whipped cream dispenser. After opening, you need to add solid ingredients. Tear or "crush" the solids a little bit to better inject the flavor and increase the overall strength of the flavor-make sure not to let the chili juice get into your eyes! Add the chili cubes and ginger to the whipped cream dispenser, then pour 200 ml of olive oil in the measuring jug, and then pour it into the device. Screw the dispenser head firmly back into the chamber.
Next, take the N2O whipped cream charger and place it in the charger holder with the thin end facing up. Now, carefully screw the charger bracket into the dispenser head until you start to feel its resistance. Pause for a while, then screw it to the dispenser quickly and smoothly. When the nitrous oxide fills the dispenser, you should hear a hissing sound.

Now, you can wait for a while as long as you want the infusion-it should be instantaneous, but we recommend putting the ingredients in the dispenser for a few minutes and shaking them enough to make it work well. To achieve the best results. The longer you leave the mixture in the dispenser, the stronger the flavor!

When preparing to dispense the infusion, you first need to disperse all the nitrous oxide from the dispenser. To do this, place the dispenser vertically above the cup or bowl, fix the beaker above the nozzle, and then gently pull the trigger to start releasing gas.

Important information: Before unscrewing the dispenser head, you must ensure that all gas is released from the dispenser. Otherwise, it may cause personal injury because the gas is under extremely high pressure.
Now, carefully pour the injected oil into a beaker or similar container.
The filter collects solid components. That's it; you can now enjoy the delicious chilli olive oil!

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