Accairwater has made great strides in water production
We know that electricity can be produced from sunlight and coal can be made from wood. However, water that can make a real impact is now available from thin air. Water is not yet a commodity, but it may soon become a commodity, so this may help when society encounters obstacles.

The magic begins
One such company, Accairwater, has proposed a generator that can produce water from the atmosphere by condensing moisture.

Water scarcity was one of the topics discussed earlier at the World Bank meeting. The water making machine can solve the problem of water shortage, so that more people can drink clean water.

The water maker we produce collects water molecules in the air through a high-efficiency filter, condenses the air into liquid water, and then produces water through a series of fine purification treatments. At 30°C and 80% relative humidity, the water generator produces 30 liters of water per day.