12 Tips to Help Your Refrigerator Water Filter Last Longer

Everything in this world has a limited life. A refrigerator water filter is no exception, even if it is bought at a high cost. However, we can take steps to make it last longer. Here are 12 tips.

  1. Change Your Filter at the Right Time

It is recommended by most experts and manufacturers that you should change it at least every six months or every 200-300 gallons of water. This time frame can vary based on the water quality in your locality.

Replacing it too soon will be a waste of money. Likewise, leaving them too long can cause problems with your water

  1. Clear Away the Impurities

You need to clear away the impurities in your filter according to the instructions on a regular basis so that they can provide the output you need for longer.

  1. Let the Water Settle

Before pumping your water, check to see if there is any sediment. If there is, I suggest you let it settle first, and then pour away the bottom water. The reason for doing so is it stops your filters from being clogged by dirt.

  1. Pre-Filter with a Piece of Cheesecloth

This might sound a little strange, but a good tactic to prolong the life of your filter is to pre-filter your water by a piece of cheesecloth. This act can greatly reduce the contaminants passing through your filter.

  1. Store Your Filter Correctly

Store your filter in a clean environment, and prevent them from being damaged.

  1. Stay Away from Sunlight

To make your filter last longer, it’s important that you keep your filter out of contact with direct sunlight for too long. Exposing it to the sun for too long is going to damage its life.

  1. Replace the Charcoal

If your filter is equipped with charcoal, make sure you get it replaced over time.

  1. Keep an Eye on Your System

Keeping an eye on your water system as a whole will give you a better chance of understanding how to keep it in tip-top form. Otherwise, any maintenance you do is just going to be guesswork.

  1. Don’t Pump Water After a Downpour

It’s recommended that you don’t pump your water immediately after a downpour, since it may contain a large amount of sediment which can make your filter under enormous pressure in the purification work.

  1. Find Cleaner Water

If want to make your filter last longer, find a cleaner source of usable water.

  1. Gather Rainwater

Rainwater can actually be cleaner than just regular surface water. It helps maintain your filtering system and keep it in good condition for longer.

  1. Only Filter What You Need

By only filtering what you need, your filter can last longer.

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